Dinner + a Movie at Home

Benedict Cumberbatch unraveling Moriarty’s machinations, Neil Patrick Harris channeling the best parts of Edward Gorey and Charles Dickens, Doctor Who’s binary heart beating across infinite galaxies, wood fired pizzas, homemade popcorn mix and cold drinks – Keep Reading

Hound + Home

Dogs are a special breed of cold-nosed magic, a kind of four-legged love that’s infinitely pure and keen on free kisses. And since welcoming our rescue puppy, Haggis, to our family, capturing that newfound hound-human bond has Keep Reading

Tailgating at Home

Fall is imbued with a kind of natural magic here in the Midwest. Spiced woodsmoke lingers in the pine trees, while fallen leaves drape the wooded trails near our home in fiery oranges and reds. This Keep Reading